Classical Stuff You Should Know is a podcast about the classical world. We discuss literature, philosophy, history, art, the soul of man, and education, all within the framework of a classical, Christian worldview. Our aim is to aid both educators and laymen alike as they delve into the classical world. Need help with Dante? We've got you. Confused by Homer? We're here. Been thinking about architecture lately? So have we. 

Graeme Donaldson has been sneaking literature into the minds of students since 2011. He watches Project Runway with his wife Amanda, who wears kimonos (she insists they are yukatas, or "summer kimonos") at home. Still Canadian at heart, Graeme watches hockey when he isn't reading. 

A.J. Hanenburg has been an educator since 2009 at Veritas Academy Austin. He's taught a little of everything: from the foundations of literature to rock climbing to improv. Self important furniture, like beds, are things about which he holds a healthy suspicion, and fish be wary: his skills with a frying pan are legendary. 

Thomas Magbee is a fledgling in the classical education world, but he's as passionate as any. He's been the Dean of Student Life at Veritas since November 2016, and he shows no signs of slowing down. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee clings to his office, which is filled with nets, balls, sweatshirts, and knickknacks. His wife, the lovely Sarah "Smags" Magbee, usually stays home when Thomas goes to enjoy pretentious movies.